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I want to help you feel amazing with hard but effective workouts!
Helping you to connect to your body and mind through movement - Join today and  workout with me anytime, anywhere!

H&H Unlimited X Body By Rapley

Introducing you to a new video series I did in partnership with H&H Unlimited and with my mom! There are 5 videos that are roughly 5 minutes each. The videos are intended to introduce those of you who are new to Barre Fitness or who just need to re-set their form.

H&H Unlimited is women’s community that champions ageing women on their unique fitness journeys and helps them achieve their lifestyle goals. A Toronto-based company founded in 2020 by Jenn and Val, H&H Unlimited is committed to delivering fitness solutions for every woman, no matter her fitness level. The accessories I use in many of my classes can be found on their website; check them out!


A monthly renewal fitness membership.


I've been a loyal follower of Emily from her in studio barre classes to her incredible online classes through the pandemic. Emily offers her students/followers a consistently challenging way to work out. Having her provide regular and reliably tough workouts that strengthen, tone, and develop my body into a stronger and more capable version of itself has made committing to working with her a rewarding choice. I always look forward to her classes -whether I have time for a solid hour or need to squeeze in a shorter class. Can't wait for for next series, Emily!

Emily puts so much care into every class that she teaches, she checks in and I feel as though she is really supporting my fitness journey. I think everyone should take class from her!


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