If we haven’t met before my name is Emily. You may be wondering a little bit who I am and about my journey to where I am today!


I have always been an avid runner and love a good sweaty workout. But I found it hard to stick to a schedule and find the time to fit it into my day. I started taking barre classes and bootcamp style classes. I found that barre classes were what I was gravitating towards. I felt like I was activating and using muscles that I forgot I had! I loved the feeling of waking up the next day and being sore in my newly discovered muscles. 


I truly learned to love myself and my body through barre classes and I want this for you too! We see so many unrealistic depictions of bodies through social media and it can be very damaging on our fitness journey.


My goal is to help you fall in love with yourself..yes I know this sounds cheesy. But I want you to look in the mirror and say h*ll ya I look and FEEL amazing! Let’s find movement that works for your body so you can see just how strong you are!


love & sweat


EmRapley xx



Favourite Way to Sweat

Running / Barre

Favourite Snack

Cucumbers with Salt & Vinegar

Go To Workout Song

Lady Gaga Remixes

A Show I'm Binging 

Schitt's Creek!

Favourite Sweet Treat

Carrot Cake (but obviously in it for the cream cheese icing)