Next Series starts May 17th - June 14th, 2021

Learn how to integrate movement & nutrition into your daily life

with this new 4 Week fitness program.

  • Bi-weekly workshops with professionals in the health and wellness industry

  • Recording will be available if you cannot make the live class

  • Private group for conversations, results, questions, connecting and more!

  • Meal ideas to set you up for a healthy week

  • 1:1 check-ins for constant motivation and support!


Throughout the 4 Week Program we will be following a weekly schedule consisting of:

Sunday's 12:30pm

Cardio Burst

Each Sunday we will do a 30 minute cardio barre class to get that final push in for the week!

No equipment will be needed!

Difficulty will increase over the weeks

Monday's 1pm

Full Body Barre

Each Monday we will have a 1 hour full body class

We will use different equipment including; light weights, sliders and booty bands.


Difficulty will increase over the weeks


Tuesday's 8am

Upper Body Burn

Each Tuesday we will do a 30 minute upper body burn to start the day!

We will use light weights and a booty band

Difficulty will increase over the weeks

Wednesday's 7:15pm

Booty Barre

Every Wednesday evening we will work out booty for 30 minutes, with strength based series for the ultimate burn!

Equipment used will be 

  • Booty Band 

  • Sliders

Difficulty will increase over the weeks

Booty & Core

Every Thursday we will have a 1 hour class focussing on glutes and core

We will use sliders and booty bands for our equipment

Difficulty increases over the weeks

Friday's 8am

Full Body Barre

We will begin our day with 1 hour of full body strengthening 

Equipment used will be light weights, sliders and booty band

Difficulty will increase over the weeks

Thursday's 1:30pm




Shayla is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner specializing in nutrition and mental health and a Trauma-Sensititve Yoga Teacher. After pursuing a career in broadcasting and film, Shayla’s mom passed away unexpectedly, and the loss led her to drastically change her outlook and life direction. Since then she’s devoted herself to learning about and utilizing the mind-body connection to help others heal from the inside-out both on and off the mat. Her clients learn real-life tactics to cope with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction—things Shayla struggled with herself prior to her journey with wellness. Along with teaching trauma-sensitive yoga and offering personalized nutritional advice, Shayla is working toward becoming a licensed counsellor.

  • A 4-Week exclusive small group fitness program.